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Keyboard & Piano Instruction Courses

Keyboard & Piano Instruction Courses: "

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Keyboard & Piano Instruction Courses
Killer Keyboard & Piano Instruction Courses
Learn to play electronic keyboard, synthesizer, digital piano, or acoustic piano with these top-notch music instruction courses! Whether your thing is classical or jazz or gospel or folk, there's a course here for everyone!
Learn To Play Electronic Keyboards -- a course in how to play electric keyboards.
Learn to play gospel piano by ear! - Gospel music lessons.
How To Play Chord Piano...In 10 Days! - a 10 day course in chording
How To Dress Up Naked Music On The Piano! A great course in making your playing fuller and more exciting through chord styles.
52 Week Crash Course In Exciting Piano Playing -- a year-long course. 52 weekly lessons on DVD along with printed books and materials.
Pro Secrets Piano Course -- a 3 year course in professional piano playing techniques. Learn one technique and get it down cold each month, then move on to the next. Only for serious students -- it's hard work!
Improvising On The Piano Course - a 7 month course in improvising, starting with the blues and then moving to pop songs and ballads.

'How To Play Chord Piano In Ten Days' -- the best-selling piano course
'52 Week Crash Course In Exciting Piano Playing' -- learn both sight reading, chord playing, and music theory. A really complete course!
Make Money Teaching Piano -- turn your musical talent into money! Learn from the man who has created over 500 piano courses and has taught hundreds of thousands of people to play the piano, both in person"
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