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Cornets -- cousin of the trumpet family

Cornets -- cousin of the trumpet family: "
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Cornets -- cousin of the trumpet family

History of The Cornet
The cornet was developed in late 1500�s by an instrument known as post horn. With the addition of valves to post horn, a new instrument was made with the name of cornet. In late 1900�s, it was replaced by the trumpet. Cornet was very much used in jazz bands and became the most popular musical instrument in 1920. Now-a-days, this musical instrument is generally used in school and military bands. Difference between the sounds of cornets and trumpets is not a great deal.
Best Cornet for Beginners
Cornet is proved to be a good musical instrument for beginners. This instrument is handy as compared to trumpet. Cornet is more popular among small children. Your selection of a musical instrument should depend on where you would like to play the instrument. Well known musical bands like Brass bands uses cornet.
Hold the cornet in front of you with its mouthpiece to your lips and the bell directly forward. The valves are operated by the right hand and left hand provides the support. Cornet is a very simple instrument to start with, but high puff is required. So, it is not good for children less than 11 years old.
Difference between Trumpet and Cornet
The trumpet, similar to the cornet, is an orchestral instrument. The basic difference between a cornet and a trumpet is that cornet has a conical bore, on the other hand trumpet has a cylindrical bore. The sound produced by the cornet is softer and sweeter with a little more agile whereas the sound generated by the trumpet is hard and bright.
For a novice, it is really hard to find the difference between the two instruments."
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