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Drums and drum sets

Drums and drum sets: "
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Drums & drum sets

Drums are as old as humankind. Its structure consists of a hollow metal body over which stretched membrane is fitted. Drums produce sound when membrane is strike by the rounded wooden sticks. Different tuning keys or pegs are also used to tighten or loosen the membrane to get special tones. The vibrations of the membrane produce the sound when they struck.
Shopping for Drums
You can often find some really good deals on the internet for both the new and used drums. Try visiting online stores because they usually have at least 100 used drum kits for sale. But for top quality, buy a new set from Musicians Friend.
Gain as much information about drum quality as you can, before you purchase a drum kit. There are certain things which you must consider before choosing a right drum for yourself.
Buying your first drum set can be menacing and confusing but there are a few basic things to understand which can make it easier. The standard drum set package is made of the following parts:
Snare drum
Bass drum
Two tom toms mounted on the bass drum
Floor tom
Cymbals are considered separate and a standard package is:
Ride cymbal
Two hi-hat cymbals
Crash cymbal

Drums Hardware
The hardware includes other accessories like the bass drum pedal and hi hat stand, the snare and cymbal stands and the mount for the tom toms. Mostly, they are easily available in fine quality but there are definite differences in the durability and ease of use from one manufacturer to another. It is usually divided into single and double braced categories and double braced is very sturdy.
Used Dr"
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