Thursday, August 09, 2007

Piano Tips

One of the most useful piano tips I know has to do with eye movement when you are reading music. If you must look down at the keys to find a particularly high key or a particularly low key, don't move your head -- just do what I call an "eye flip".
Keeping your head pointed straight ahead at the sheet music while flipping your eyes down at the keyboard will usually keep you from losing your place in the written music.

It feels a bit strange at first, but you get used to it over time and it really helps not to get lost. With your eye sockets pointing straight ahead, it is easy to direct your gaze back to the printed music after glancing down quickly to locate a key.

"But I saw so-and-so on TV and he/she looked down at their fingers all the time."

My answer to that is simple: when you're on TV, you can do that too.

Seriously, when you don't need to refer to the sheet music, you can look anyplace you please -- at the keyboard, out the window, or whatever. But when you're reading music, if you don't want to lose your place and get lost, then I suggest developing the "eye flip."

More tips coming soon.

(Taken from "33 Tips To Becoming a Great Pianist")
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