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Have you seen the 4-fingered pianist?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Piano For Adult Near-Beginners

"Classical Piano For Adult "Near-Beginners!"
(Who Have Forgotten Most Of What They Learned
When They Took Lessons As Kids)

One of the great things about this course is that Duane doesn't just teach you to play a song, but to understand the song in terms of form and chord analysis. That way you not only learn to play, but you understand what you are playing, which makes it much easier to retain and to memorize.

This course was specifically developed by Duane for adults who are "near-beginners" -- they read music a little, but aren't very advanced. There are thousands of adults like that who took piano lessons when they were kids, but have forgotten most of what they learned.

If you are one of these people, here is a way to get up to speed fast. On the DVD Duane walks you carefully through song after song, explaining the key and what chords to expect, as well as the form of the song. (Lots of pieces use the "AABA" form -- which means if you learn the "A" section, you've already learned 3/4 of the piece. All you have to do then is learn the "B" section and you've got it!)

You are really going to love this course if you enjoy playing classical music!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

"I Took Piano Lessons As a Kid, But I've Forgotten Almost Everything..."

"I Took Piano Lessons As a Kid, But I've Forgotten Almost Everything..."

There are literally millions of adults today who took piano lessons when they were growing up, but at some point along the way gave them up. Some couldn't care less, but many have an urge down deep to take up piano playing again someday.

Over the years I have never heard anyone say "I'm glad I never learned to play the piano", but I have heard hundreds say something like "I sure wish I had paid attention when I was a kid", or "My piano teacher was too strict (or too boring), but I would love to get back to the piano some day."

And most people that feel that way have the "round-tuit" problem that we all have; they mean well, but the busyness of life distracts them from starting to play again. And they really don't want to take lessons again from the little old lady down the street who can't tell the Beatles from Beethoven. Plus it's hard to work regular lessons into their already-packed schedule.

So what's the solution?

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"I Took Piano Lessons As a Kid, But I've Forgotten Almost Everything..."

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Get The Skinny On Making Money At Home In Your Own Home Business...

A brand new book on making money working from home is now available from titled "Get the Skinny on Making Money at Home!" written by a musician in Oregon who has made his entire living from home for the last 40 years.
Medford, Oregon (PRWEB) January 22, 2007 -- An exciting new book on earning a living at home has been published by Keyboard Workshop of Medford Oregon. The 100-page book covers everything about working at home from creating your very own product line to marketing that "family of products" via direct mail and the world-wide web to press releases and article distribution.

The author, Duane Shinn, has made his living from home for the past 40 years, raising 4 kids in the process, and has created over 300 specialized courses on DVD and CD for adults about various aspects of piano playing and chord formations. He clearly shows how to leverage your natural talents into a family of products you can market to people all over the world -- most of whom you will never see.
Shinn writes: "It doesn't matter what your talents and skills are. Somewhere there is a hungry market for your skill. You just need to find that market and give them what they are looking for...your skill. Do you play guitar? There are about 19 zillion people in the world wishing they could "play like you." Do you play piano? Another gazillion folks are waiting for you to teach them what you know and can play. You can teach piano. I ought to know – I have operated a “one-man-music-school” in my home for many years, and taught many others to do the same."

     There has never been a better time in history than right now to start and develop your own business right at home. Just a few years ago there was no computer networking, so it was difficult to transfer the work you did at home to your place of business. But no more: With the development of the personal computer, people can work anywhere – and they are – in record numbers.

Even if you don't have your own product, or don't care to develop one, did you know that many people all over the world work at home, yet don’t even have their own product or service? Because of the growth of the internet, an entire community of people have been formed called “affiliate marketers”. Affiliate marketing is a commision-based business opportunity.You advertise and promote products, and receive commissions.  This type of business has unique benefits. There is no customer support. You have no physical inventory. You will have access to ads provided by merchants. You'll sell stuff you don't own to people you'll probably never see!

The book reveals at least 10 incredible benefits of working for yourself at home:
No boss!
No commute!
No time clock! 
No child care!
You get to see your kids grow up!
No dressing up!
The exhilarating sense of freedom creating your own product or service!
The joy of doing what you love, whatever that is for you.!
No limits to your income!
Tax benefits!
For more information or to order the book on "Get the Skinny on Making Money at Home for just $9.95 please go to:

About Keyboard Workshop:

Keyboard Workshop in Medford Oregon was born in 1965 and has taught thousands of people to play the piano using chords. Courses from the Workshop can be found at

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"7 Great Ways To Make Money In Music"

There are lots of ways to make a living in the music industry, and very few of them have anything to do with getting on stage and performing, or trying to crack the lineup on American Idol. In fact, most of them reward interpersonal skills and organizational skills more than they reward a strong voice, or the ability to rip the chords on a Fender, or bang out 1/64 beats on a drum kit.

Please go to the article now: "7 Great Ways To Make Money In Music"

How Musicians Can Use Podcasts to Publicize Their Music

As a musician, one of the best ways to start becoming successful in the music business is to build up a fan base. You need to get your music out there so people can start listening to it and enjoying it. Publicizing your music is extremely important, and while ten years ago it may have been a difficult task, technology has afforded you some very simples ways to get started. One new way that you can start getting your music out there is by using a podcast. Podcasts are excellent ways that you can inexpensively and quickly get your music out there to the public, which is extremely important to your success as a musician.

Please go to How Musicians Can Use Podcasts to Publicize Their Music

8 Easy Musical Instruments that You Can Learn to Play Quickly

There is really nothing in the world like music. There have been studies to show the amazing effect that is has on the human brain, such as the link between music and spatial intelligence. The only thing that can compare with listening to music is the ability to make our own music.

Not everyone is as gifted as the rest when it comes to playing music. Not all of us have the time, or want to invest the time in learning to play a complicated instrument such as the piano. That does not mean that we don’t all want to be able to play an instrument. There are easy musical instruments that you can learn to play quickly. Here are 8:

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Piano tips audio postcard...

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