Thursday, June 14, 2007

Get The Skinny On Making Money At Home In Your Own Home Business...

A brand new book on making money working from home is now available from titled "Get the Skinny on Making Money at Home!" written by a musician in Oregon who has made his entire living from home for the last 40 years.
Medford, Oregon (PRWEB) January 22, 2007 -- An exciting new book on earning a living at home has been published by Keyboard Workshop of Medford Oregon. The 100-page book covers everything about working at home from creating your very own product line to marketing that "family of products" via direct mail and the world-wide web to press releases and article distribution.

The author, Duane Shinn, has made his living from home for the past 40 years, raising 4 kids in the process, and has created over 300 specialized courses on DVD and CD for adults about various aspects of piano playing and chord formations. He clearly shows how to leverage your natural talents into a family of products you can market to people all over the world -- most of whom you will never see.
Shinn writes: "It doesn't matter what your talents and skills are. Somewhere there is a hungry market for your skill. You just need to find that market and give them what they are looking for...your skill. Do you play guitar? There are about 19 zillion people in the world wishing they could "play like you." Do you play piano? Another gazillion folks are waiting for you to teach them what you know and can play. You can teach piano. I ought to know – I have operated a “one-man-music-school” in my home for many years, and taught many others to do the same."

     There has never been a better time in history than right now to start and develop your own business right at home. Just a few years ago there was no computer networking, so it was difficult to transfer the work you did at home to your place of business. But no more: With the development of the personal computer, people can work anywhere – and they are – in record numbers.

Even if you don't have your own product, or don't care to develop one, did you know that many people all over the world work at home, yet don’t even have their own product or service? Because of the growth of the internet, an entire community of people have been formed called “affiliate marketers”. Affiliate marketing is a commision-based business opportunity.You advertise and promote products, and receive commissions.  This type of business has unique benefits. There is no customer support. You have no physical inventory. You will have access to ads provided by merchants. You'll sell stuff you don't own to people you'll probably never see!

The book reveals at least 10 incredible benefits of working for yourself at home:
No boss!
No commute!
No time clock! 
No child care!
You get to see your kids grow up!
No dressing up!
The exhilarating sense of freedom creating your own product or service!
The joy of doing what you love, whatever that is for you.!
No limits to your income!
Tax benefits!
For more information or to order the book on "Get the Skinny on Making Money at Home for just $9.95 please go to:

About Keyboard Workshop:

Keyboard Workshop in Medford Oregon was born in 1965 and has taught thousands of people to play the piano using chords. Courses from the Workshop can be found at

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