Friday, January 20, 2006

Successful kids

Successful kids: "To Make Your Kids More Successful, Teach Them Music!

To Make Your Kids More Successful, Teach Them Music!
Benefits of Music Education Shown to Include Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Besides being a sure way to become the life of the party, learning to play an instrument can make your children smarter, better adjusted, and better equipped to adopt a position of leadership in a diverse world.
The idea that music education makes children smarter isn't just our opinion. Music has a mathematical precision; the rhythms, pitches, and motifs in musical composition can all be expressed with numbers and equations. Maybe that is why the 1993 Standardized Achievement Test (SAT) showed above-average scores in both mathematical and verbal portions of the test by high school students who studied music.[1] At the time, President Bill Clinton and Education Secretary Richard Riley were calling for enriched arts education for all children.[2]
Being smart is important, but it's also critical that children be well adjusted. Children with music education�especially in a school setting with other musicians�develop the key people-skills that are essential to functioning in society, including teamwork, problem solving, and leadership. They gain from the hard work of music mastery, learning self-discipline and self-worth through accomplishments.[3] Studies demonstrate that the students most likely to be elected to class office, achieve the highest grades, or receive honors for academic achievement are the students who�you guessed it�study music.[4]
There is also an impossible to quantify, yet essential quality that music adds to each of our lives. If, as argued by the Oxford Review of Education as far back as 1996, the richness of music is itself enough justification for the tea"
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