Friday, January 20, 2006

Learn an instrumente

Learn an instrumente: "Learn an Instrument, Prepare for a Career

Learn an Instrument, Prepare for a Career
Invisible Career-Path Available Only to Musicians
For a skilled musician, there is an additional career path that is invisible to the non-musician. This is an additional benefit beyond the pleasure of playing music, the attention it brings, and the better academic performance than students who do not learn to play a musical instrument.[1] It is a broad range of extra career opportunities that non-musicians never even consider.
But if you're a musician, you can apply. Let's take a look at these careers that are available only to musicians
Education: Are you a musician who has also studied education? If so, there are numerous music education opportunities that may interest you:
Music educator at a college, conservatory, university
Music teacher at secondary or elementary school
Private music instructor
Music supervisor
Choir director
Therapy: Are you a musician who has also studied psychiatry? You can practice the trade of music therapy in a wide array of settings. Some of the sources of employment for music therapists are the following:
Nursing Homes
Mental health clinics
Correctional Facilities
Private practice
Business: Ever wonder what it takes to work in business management? Besides business smarts, an ability to talk the language of music will take you places the non-musican cannot go:
Artist Manager or Agent
Talent Agent
Concert Promoter
Independent Radio Promoter
Music Business Entrepreneur
Music Business Consultant
Record Company Executive
Music Publisher
Tour Coordinator
Performance: Actors are more highly valued if they have a musical"
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