Thursday, January 22, 2009

Minor Chords

There are only 12 minor chords -- even though some of the 12 have more than one name, such as C# minor and Db minor. They are called "enharmonic" chords -- they sound alike but are written differently on a music score.

Here are the 12 minor chords:

C minor chord is C, Eb, G
F minor chord: F, Ab, C
G minor chord: G, Bb, D
D minor chord: D, F, A
E minor chord: E, G, B
A minor chord: A, C, E
Db minor chord: Db, Fb, Ab (Fb is enharmonic with E)
Eb minor chord: Eb, Gb, Bb
Ab minor chord: Ab, Cb, Eb (Cb is enharmonic with B)
Gb minor chord: Gb, Bbb, Db (Bbb is enharmonic with A)
B minor chord: B, D, F#
Bb minor chord: Bb, Db, F
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