Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Music articles you may have missed

Here are some articles I have written recently that do NOT appear in my blog, so you may have missed them. If any of them interest you, take a look:

Play music! The absolute joy of playing music!

Middle C -- The Piano Key That Lauched a Million Careers!

Play notes on the piano keyboard using all 88 piano keys.

Read music! Secrets of music reading and speed sight reading.

Chromatic and whole tone scales

Easy piano for beginners

Free "3 Chords You Absolutely, Positively HAVE to Know!"

The Chord Chart

Harmony -- how musical notes mesh together to form an harmonic sound

Fingering On The Piano


Piano & Pianos

Piano Keys

Piano Notes

Piano Tips

Piano Lessons

Piano Videos  Many short videos on various piano topics.
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