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Selling Stuff You Don't Own to People You Never See!

Did you know you can sell stuff online you don't people you never see?

Who else wants to work at home in your own "Family Room Internet Business"?

Selling Stuff You Don't Own
To People You Never See!

I was totally amazed when I found out how much some people earn at home without even having a product of their own!
I've worked at home most all my life selling my own products (piano courses on DVD's) and make a good living, and I know several other people who do the same, like my neighbor Norm who manufacturers pitching machines in his home workshop.
But what astounded me was that lots of people now make a huge income without having a single product of their own -- they act as representatives of companies and sell all kinds of stuff over the internet -- so they never meet the people they sell to, and they have no customer support or shipping or any of that to worry about!
A man named James in Vancouver Canada, for example, earns something in the neighborhood of $100,000. per month -- and that's a pretty nice neighborhood! Another Canadian, a lady named Rosalind, earned $435,000. a year 2 or 3 years ago -- and I happen to know she makes a lot more now. I have met both these people and I know they are for real. Rosalind was an air-traffic controller for years, and James was in construction.
The field I am talking about, of course, is called "affiliate marketing".
For several years I heard the term “affiliate marketing” bandied about by folks who apparently knew what they were talking about, but I never fully understood what they meant. Oh, I knew vaguely that it had something to do with selling stuff, but I didn’t grasp the mechanics of it at all.
Strange, too, because way back in the 70’s I had “dealers” who advertised my music courses in various ways – ads, classified ads, mailings, etc – and we “drop-shipped” for them. When they got an order from their advertising efforts, they would send us a shipping label with the customer’s name on it along with a check for 50% of the price of the course they sold. We would then package the course, slap on the shipping label, and drop the course in the mail. The customer figured it came from the person who sold it. Very neat system, and it’s still done today by some firms.
Affiliate marketing is like that, except instead of selling the product, you simply “point” prospects at the web site of the company you represent, and they take it from there.
They do all the:
Collecting payment
Shipping the product
Customer support
Which means that you have:
No inventory
No investment in products
No selling
No shipping
No customer support
And you get a check each month for a percentage of whatever is sold -- sounds like a deal to me! (To say nothing of being able to buy wholesale from all these firms)

Of course there’s more to it than that, and that’s what this book is about, but at the most basic level....
Affiliate marketing is selling stuff you don’t own to people you never see!
So if you, as the affiliate, don’t have to do any selling, stocking products, shipping to the customer, or answering their questions about the product, what in the heck DO you do?
Sounds like the world’s cushiest job to me.
Well, it is in many ways. But that means that you have to be good at the few things you DO have to do, which include:
· Getting people to come to your site (I'll show you how to create your own web site quickly, so don't worry about that if you don't have one -- or the site you represent as an affiliate). You do this basically four ways: 1. Search engine optimization; 2. Publicity via article writing and press releases; 3. Pay per click campaigns; 4. E-mail.
· Sharing with those people who come to your site in a way that makes them want to “click-through” to your merchant. You do this by writing helpful articles about the products you represent, and/or using audio and video on your site to tell about your products.
· Capturing the name and e-mail address of those folks who come to your site. You do this by using either a “name squeeze page” or a pop-up or an opt-in box on your site.
· Following them up with interesting and enticing e-mails that make them want to come back to your site or the site of the merchant you represent. You can do this by subscribing to an auto-responder service and then sending out a series of helpful e-mails on a sequential basis – daily, weekly, or whatever. An alternate to this is using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) I cover all that...
And that is what this e-book is all about -- how you can develop a full-blown web business right at home in your family room without having to have or create your own product.
Here are just a few of the companies you can represent from the comfort of your family room:
American Express
Lands End
1-800 Flowers
Omaha Steaks
Musician's Friend
Radisson Hotels
Western Union
Thrifty Car Rentals
and hundreds more!
How Much Can I Earn?
While this is not a “get rich quick” book, or even a “get rich slow” book – it’s more like a “learn a lot about the internet and marketing while you have fun working at home” book – it is possible to earn a significant amount. Some affiliates earn extra spending money while holding down another job. Some stay-at-home Moms supplement their family income through affiliate marketing. And then there are “super affiliates” such as James Martell and Rosalind Gardiner who make more per month than most people make all year. Rosalind wrote a book about her affiliate experiences titled “The Super-Affiliate Handbook” It tells the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earns $435,000+ per year ... selling other people's stuff online! At an internet conference recently I heard her say recently that she earns significantly more than that now.
And James Martell, author of “Affiliate Marketers Handbook” is a modest guy and doesn’t broadcast his earnings, but I happen to know that he earns double or triple what an average doctor earns – somewhere in the neighborhood of six figures per month, which is a pretty nice neighborhood. Of course, he has been at it for several years now, and owns about 100 affiliate sites on subjects ranging from babies to baseball.
So while there is absolutely no guarantee, it obviously can be done. (If you’re wondering if I make that kind of affiliate income, the answer is no. I don’t do a lot of affiliate marketing, since I have a product line of my own. (See But what little affiliate marketing I do is very profitable, and a nice supplement to my own music course sales.)
And just so you’ll know I’m not blowing smoke, in the ebook I show you some of my affiliate checks from assorted merchants:
Certainly not very much compared to others, but still a nice little bonus to go along with income from my line of over 300 music products.
The e-book has 113 pages covering all this and lots more, with links so you can "click through" to various merchants and web sites so you can see if you want to link up with them or not
It is $49. bucks, which is not very much when you consider how much you could earn and how nice it would be to stay home and work in your family room, but of course it comes with a complete money-back guarantee in case you feel this is not for you. You can download it as soon as your credit card clears -- no waiting for delivery through the mail! I suggest that you print out a copy of the book and take it to your local quick printer and have him spiral-bind it, so it will be convenient to handle. But also keep a copy on your computer desktop, so you can follow all the links in the book that show how everything works.

Remember that I wrote this book for my 4 grown kids -- all of whom have wonderful careers of their own. The oldest one is a writer, our daughter is an RN, the next son is an EMT & drives an ambulance, and the youngest is a Certified Financial Planner. So they are not exactly starving.
But since I wrote the book last year they all have little web "family room" businesses started, and maybe someday they will turn them into full-time businesses working at home like their folks have done for the last 40 years or so -- never missing a family or school event!

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