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10 Top Reasons You Should Learn to Play 'Chord' Piano

10 Top Reasons You Should Learn to Play 'Chord' Piano: "
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10 Top Reasons You Should Learn to Play 'Chord' Piano
Author: Duane Shinn

There are roughly umpteen zillion reasons why you should learn enough chords to be able to �chord a song� at the piano.
By �chord a song�, I mean the ability to play 3 or 4 chords on the piano in some sort of rhythm while you or someone else sings the tune. To do this, you don�t need to be a Van Cliburn; all you need to do is learn a few basic chords and be able to more back and forth between them in some organized rhythmic pattern.
For example, did you realize that all of these songs (and hundreds more) can be sung or played with just 3 chords?
Auld Lang Syne
Amazing Grace
Kum Ba Ya
Silent Night
Joy To The World
Jingle Bells
Happy Birthday
Down In The Valley
On Top Of Old Smoky�
and hundreds or maybe thousands more!
Add just one more chord to the basic 3, and you can play another thousand songs or so. So why not learn a few chords and start your chording career?
Here are my top 10 reasons for learning �chord piano�:
1) It�s easy. Learn 3 chords and start in.
2) Even though it�s easy to get started, you don�t have to stop there. You can learn more and more chords and more rhythm patterns and get really good.
3) You�ll be able to play �Happy Birthday� while the gang sings it.
4) You�ll be able to play half-a-dozen Christmas carols. In case you haven�t noticed, Christmas comes every year, so every year you�ll get better as you participate in family gatherings.
5) You can help your kids learn to play the piano, guitar, or most any other instrument by learning chords. Most teachers don�t teach chords, so you�ll be giving your kids "
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