Monday, July 25, 2005

Flying over chordland before we land

Flying over chordland before we land: "
Issue No. 002 �
'Secrets of Exciting Chords & Chord Progressions!'

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' Secrets of Exciting Piano Chords & Piano Chord Progressions!'

Week 2
'Flying Over Chordland Before We Land'
(The 48 basic piano chords times 3)

Before we get down to the actual details of building chords, I would like to take you on an airplane ride over 'Chordland' so you can look down and get the lay of the land -- get a good overview of how Chordland is laid out -- where the rivers and freeways and lakes and towns are, and how it all works together.

Lots of people know a few chords, but aren't sure just how many chords they need to know to cover the basics in an average song -- in other words, enough to 'get along.'

Sure, they would like to know how to play 9th chords and suspended 7th chords and chords built on the church modes, such as Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian, and so forth, but they could live without ever knowing those -- they just want to know enough chords to get by in a playing situation, from accompanying a singer at a musical to playing with a worship group at church to playing for Girl Scouts.

Well, I have good news "
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